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Useful Links

Short-Wave Web-Sites

The links below fall into two categories: some are web-sites which are really useful resources on the topics of short-wave radio, international broadcasting and on other radio-related topics; the others (which it is fair to say also fall into the first category) are those which send a lot of traffic to and who we are thankful to for sending us some of our many important visitors - such as you!

  • Wireless Waffle
    Occasional blog on all things wireless.
  • World Of Radio
    Pre-eminent source for the very latest short-wave happenings
  • Funk Kommunikation
    Short-wave radio info in German
    Russian language forum for short-wave listeners
  • Radio Reference
    Friendly chat forum for radio enthusiasts
  • DX Zone
    Link directory of radio web-sites (please vote for!)
  • Bi News Japan
    Aoki's database of international braodcasts
  • Web SDR Twente
    Web-based short-wave radio at the University of Twente
  • Fenu-Radio
    All about short wave receivers (mostly in German)
  • DXtreme
    Easy-to-use logging applications for radio enthusiasts

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